Sarah McQuaid

Sarah McQuaid
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Saturday 15th November 2014 8:15pm

Sarah McQuaid

Support: The Bailey Sisters

Tickets £8
Rising star Sarah McQuaid’s voice has been likened to malt whiskey, melted chocolate and “honey poured into wine” Minor 7th. A captivating performer, she seduces her audience with cheeky banter and stories from the road, as well as with stunning musicianship; in her hands, the guitar becomes much more than merely an accompanying instrument. Sarah was born in Spain, raised in Chicago, holds dual US and Irish citizenship, and now lives in rural England. Refusing to be pigeonholed, she spans the genres with both her beautifully crafted originals and her interpretations of material from around the globe and down the centuries.




“A great songwriter and traditional singer, and a wonderful guitarist.” Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2, UK

“Brilliant musicianship, a warm and welcoming stage presence and a voice as rich, matured and knowing as the finest thrice-distilled Irish malt whiskey.” Geoff Wallis, fRoots, UK

“Sparkling guitar and compelling alto voice ... reminiscent of Pentangle’s best efforts.” Tom Druckenmiller, Sing Out!, USA

“Likely to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.” Aled Jones, BBC Radio 2, UK

“An unreserved thumbs-up. Captivating performance, great songs, playing and singing. Sarah was also totally professional, charming and low maintenance. What more could you ask for?” Gerry Evans, TwickFolk, UK

“A world class talent ... burns with a brilliant allure. Lucid and quite magical at times, Sarah McQuaid transcends mere craftsmanship with inspiration and innovation on this record.” Clive Pownceby, Living Tradition, UK


The Bailey Sisters
The Bailey Sisters have sung for many years in various choirs, and met through their chamber choir Duodecimo. They offer a wide variety of traditional, self penned and classical material, ranging from 13th Century to the present day.  They are becoming particularly known for acapella performances which feature strongly on their first studio album “After Silence, Music”, released in 2011.

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