Lazlo Baby

Saturday 17th September 2016 8:30pm

Lazlo Baby

Support: Bo Weavil

Tickets £8 from The Globe, by calling Jamie on 07512 214 668, or online at

Stockport based Lazlo Baby are a high energy punky/folksy band with upbeat tunes from Eastern Europe, Balkan flavoured beats with Beardy Pirates, and Gypsy Folk! Lazlo Baby combine stomping melodies with their own anarchic angle to entertain and energise audiences.



"Lazlo Baby's frantic and infectious mix of different musical styles and genres makes them quite possibly one of the more raucously popular of the acts we've featured on our folk trains in recent years." Manchester Folk Train

"Few bands have such a real, genuine love of playing live music with no pretensions and genuinely convey such a happy attitude to playing music to entertain one and all" Bob Worm, Events Collective Ltd



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