The Jaywalkers

Thursday 27th April 2017 8pm

The Jaywalkers

Support: Michelle Holding & Bonz

Tickets £8 from

Since reaching the finals of the BBC Young Folk Awards in 2008, Jaywalkers have cemented their place as one of the most exciting, virtuosic and entertaining young bands working on the British Folk scene. Effortlessly creating a unique sound based on their collective and individual musical backgrounds, the band takes influence from Folk, Bluegrass, Country and Western Swing music in the form of virtuosic instrumentals, three part harmony and impressive slap bass. Add good humour, tasteful arrangements and exceptional musicianship to the mix and they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face…. The music Jaywalkers create is in­novative, rooted deeply in tradition, and exhilarating.



“Jaywalkers effortlessly blend British and American folk traditions to create something arguably greater than either of these genres. “ Acoustic magazine

“Jay, Mike and Lucy weave a bright and busy tapestry with their third album [and] play with precision and aplomb…. [They] create music that is distinctive and enjoyable” Songlines Magazine

"Jaywalkers are the real deal... three incredible musicians creating a bluegrass party on stage. There must have been some dark trades with the devil to give Mike Giverin such mastery of the mandolin and Jay Bradberry such skill with fiddle and voice." folkonmonday



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  1. The Globe looks like a very happening place with all the performances and activities that take place. Getting the Jaywalkers to perform was a very smart idea on your part as they will definitely be bringing in a large crowd. Hope all goes well for you!