Walklate & Fuschi

Thursday 26th October 2017 8pm

Mat Walklate & Paolo Fuschi

Support: TBC

Tickets £10 from The Globe or www.wegottickets.com

Mat and Paolo play a diverse, dynamic live set illustrating all shades of Blues and allowing each other’s instrumental, vocal and improvisational qualities to shine. Each performance is rock-solid, yet full of inspiration and spontaneity.

Mat and Paolo are an "Electric Blues Duo” from Manchester. They use old tube amplifiers creating a rich tone that brings the listeners back to the very early days of the 1950’s Chicago Blues. Think of Muddy Waters plugging in his red Telecaster for the first time into an old tube amplifier and Little Walter blowing his harmonica through an old Fender Champ amplifier. The result is a magical performance that stands out for its intensity and energy. Although there are two people on stage, they sound like a 10 piece Blues band.

Living in Manchester and strongly influenced by its Afro-Caribbean community, Mat and Paolo also pay homage to Ska, blending its uplifting rhythms with the spirit and sentiment of the Blues.

The Blues reaches everybody, everywhere, every time. Walklate and Fuschi incarnate the spirit of the Blues and its universality. The two bluesmen have different cultural backgrounds but when it comes to play the Blues, they speak the same language. They let the music do the talking.
For Mat and Paolo it is crucial to connect with their listeners whether emotionally or with simple “sing-along” moments, creating a warm atmosphere that makes everybody feel welcome.

Walklate and Fuschi have an extensive repertoire that covers over two hours of music. The act is also available as a quartet featuring Adam Dawson-Drums and Bo “The BassMan” Lee-Bass.


“..a highly listenable reinterpretation of known and unknown numbers.”
“..I was blown away by the dirty-punchy harps sounds.” “..versatile guitar..”

“ I think the only way you are going to top this is by catching their act in person..”
Harmonica World

“..rich vocals..”  “..super harp work.”  “..Fuschi’s guitar work is clever and clear.” “..a real cool release.”
Bman’s Blues Report - USA

“A tight blues duo with good harmonica and great guitar playing, and with a clear vision of what sound they want. “  “ What impresses most is when the guitarist embarks on solos..”
Jefferson Blues Magazine

“ Blues harmonica master Mat forms a formidable partnership with guitarist Paolo and this live studio recording perfectly captures the duo’s power and authenticity. Sharp and swift, you can almost taste the heat and intensity of the Memphis Delta.”
The Musician

“This is one of the best blues albums that I have heard in a long time. The musicianship is first class and Walklate is one of the U.K.’s hidden talents as his harp playing is excellent.” 
 “Fuschi cuts the frills and plays well either when backing his partner or in delivering short but impressive solos.” 
“.. do yourself a favour and get a hold of this impressive debut CD and listen to some great music.”
Blues & Rhythm

“ Very nice!” “Delighted to play that! “
Paul Jones - BBC Radio 2

“..breathtaking improvisations, solos full of unbridled spontaneity. “
Blues & Co

“..scintillating..”  “..magnificent..”  “A fabulous album from an excellent duo that should have a big future.” 
Red Lick

Read lots more reviews on www.walklateandfuschi.com/biog


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